How To Buy Used Treadmills

Trying to find a used treadmill is easy Trying to buy one is not. There are a variety of ways in which we are able to purchase one – but this process should be selective and be done carefully. The best thing about used models is that you will not end up by spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, wasting even a hundred dollars on a model that breaks within the first month is a waste of time and money.

Local Gym

One of the first places to look is at your local YMCA or gym. Most places will try to trade out or sell their old and overused treadmills for the newer models. Contact the manager and ask them if they are in the process of doing this and how much they would be willing to sell it for. This might be your best chance to keep the price as low as possible.

Big Fitness Site

The Big Fitness website is a great place to go when looking for any type of used equipment for exercising. Just follow the treadmill link on the site and find one that has the right specifications and price that you are able to handle. One of the best things about this option is that you will have the best chance at getting something that will work longer because it has been refurbished.


EBay is another great place to find refurbished or pre-owned treadmills. Narrow down your search to the price you want to pay, the brand, and any other specifications that you need or want. This site will usually have hundreds of models to choose from that range in different prices. The only downside is that most models have to be picked up locally unless you purchase from a store.


One of the easiest options is to find one that is pre-owned from someone in your city. Look through the classifieds and see which one catches your eye. When you purchase from someone make sure you inspect it fully before you give them the money and cart it away.