How To Lubricate Treadmills

Treadmills are not inexpensive pieces of equipment. The cheapest model that you can purchase is around $100 to $150. Because of this you need to do what is necessary to make sure that you maintain it and keep it working like it should.

There are some models that require you to lubricate the belt. By doing this you will help to stop problems caused by the friction between the deck and the belt. Any damage that has been caused around this area could cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

If the instruction manual for your particular model does not call for lubrication than do not follow through with the process. Doing this on a model that does not require it could damage the belt beyond repair.

First you must know what type of lubricant is needed. Contact your manufacturer or read the instructional manual that it came with.

Use the allen wrench that came with the unit to loosen the walking belt. Usually ten full turns on each side of the rear roller will loosen it up enough.

Apply around a ½ an ounce of lubricant directly to the center of the walk area beneath the belt. it should sit smoothly on the deck.

Tighten the rear rollers by doing the amount of turns that it took to loosen them. Run the treadmill at six miles per hour for two minutes. This will help to spread the lubricant around evenly. Any excess lubricant should be wiped away from the sides.

Walk on the treadmill for a few minutes to make sure that the right amount of tension is being applied to the belt.