How To Maintain Your Treadmill

Treadmills are some of the most popular exercise equipments on the market. People find it easier and safer to walk in one place inside of their home than to go outside and walk around their neighbor. It is a great way for busy stay at home moms or working dads to exercise for thirty minutes to an hour every day without having to drive an extra hour to go to the gym.

The cheapest treadmill will cost around $100 while the most expensive could cost as much as $5,000 if not more. Obviously the more money you spend the better workout you will get and the more calories you will burn. It is important to know how to maintain your treadmill so that it will last for years.

Make sure that you wipe down the treadmill after each time of using it. Take a towel and wipe off the sweat from the hand grips and controls that you touched. This helps to keep it clean and keep any germs and bacteria off of it.

Dust accumulates fast in the home and it can damage the machine if it is allowed to build up. Dust it once or twice a week to keep this from happening.

Place a mat underneath the machine to protect the motor from static charge that it creates. This mat will also help to keep dust from getting trapped inside of the motor – which can kill it.

Look at the power cord and make sure that it is not near the incline mechanism. If the cord becomes trapped in any of the levers the insulation will wear out and it could be a safety hazard.

Read the instruction manual to see if any of the parts need to be lubricated. If it does not mention it than do not attempt it. You could destroy the belt.