Manual Treadmill Workouts

When people are trying to get in shape and lose weight they will invest in certain pieces of equipment that will help to make this possible. One of the easiest things for them to use is the manual treadmill. These cost around $100 and when properly maintained they can last for years and can provide you with a great workout. Find out what manual treadmill workouts will be the most effective to use.

Calorie Workout

Most people who are trying to lose weight will use exercises that will burn off calories. One of the best ways to do this is to walk a steady pace for at least thirty to forty-five minutes every day. You don’t have to be moving very fast – but you do want your heart rate to be slightly elevated.

Going at this steady pace will be difficult – but it will focus your body on weight loss through calories rather than strength training. It is better to do it in the morning before you eat and to keep it at a brisk walk.


Some of us will try to build up the endurance that we have by performing certain exercises on the treadmill. The most effective of these is to keep up a steady pace – but one that is quick. You want your heart rate to be between 60 and 85%. You want to do this for twenty to thirty minutes three or four times each week.

Fat Loss

If you are trying to drop fat and to lose weight quickly than you need to step things up and do a much harder workout. This can be done in intervals that require at least twenty seconds of sprinting and forty-five seconds of a slow walking pace. Try to keep this up for thirty minutes two or three times a week.