Proform 785 CS

Buying a treadmill is a great investment to make when you are trying to improve your life and be healthy again. You, your spouse, and even your children can use it every day and build your endurance, strength, and lose weight. The hardest part is trying to find a reliable model that doesn’t cost a fortune.

The Proform 785 CS is one of the better models to purchase when you have set a limited budget for yourself. It costs around $800 and comes with many features that will help you to get a great workout. This treadmill is built with automatic workout intensity and incline controls that allow you to adjust them whenever you are looking for an easy or a more complex exercise routine during your day.

It has a digital quick incline that can go up at least 12%. The incline helps you to burn more calories during your normal workout without having to increase the speed. The precision quick speed control can go as high as 10 mph. This moves at a quick pace for people who need to suddenly slow down and catch their breath without losing their footing.

The EKG grip pulse on either end of the handles are built with a heart rate monitor. This will give you an idea of what workout level you are on and keep you from pushing yourself to the breaking point. It will also prevent you from increasing your heart rate or keeping it as such a low level that you are not burning off any fat.

It has five built in weight loss workouts, five aerobic workouts, and five performance workouts. The built in fan will help to cool you off and keep you from overheating. It is also built with an iPod port so that you can easily listen to your music while completing a thirty minute run.

Customer Reviews

Pros: People were happy with the various workouts that they could choose from and followed them faithfully. It gave them the ability to walk or run inside of their home and to avoid the heat and allergies from outside. This model was reliable and can last for years with the proper maintenance.

Cons: A few felt that the frame was too weak to hold up for people who wanted to run at fast speeds for a long period of time. This makes it more suitable for people who want to jog or fast walk.