Sole F80

The Sole F80 treadmill is great to use anywhere in your home even if you don’t have much room. This folding treadmill is easy to store and is built with cooling fans, LED window display, and speed and elevation controls that are on the handles. It is also built with a two heart rate program to make sure that you don’t overdo it.

This is designed with a Cushion Flex running surface that helps to reduce the harshness of the impact when you are walking or running. This makes it ideal for people with bad news to have an easier time at using them. It also has a quiet motor and drive system that allows you to watch your favorite television show or listen to music without blasting the volume.

The point of a treadmill is to give yourself something that will get you in shape and lose the weight. This model offers sixteen levels of resistance – which is more than what most models will provide. Each one will target certain areas and work you from the beginner level to the advanced. This costs around $1,500.

Consumer Reviews

Pros: People have found this to be one of the most sturdiest model. They use it to run and walk between twenty to thirty miles every week without much wear and tear to it.

Cons: The most common problem to occur is a system failure for the first time that it was being used. The company will send out replacement parts to anyone with this problem. Thankfully this problem is not too far widespread and the new parts should not cost anything.