Top Treadmill Brands

It can be difficult for many of us to find the time to go to a gym so that we can stay in shape and lose weight. We find ourselves constantly working, cleaning, or taking care of our family. Any downtime we have is used to relax and take some time out for ourselves. That is why many of us will invest in a treadmill – new or used.

In order to know which one to get you will need to be aware of the more popular brands to choose from. Each of the ones listed below are some of the best on the market and provide you with a cardio workout that will help you to burn off calories and get you into shape.

Nordic Track Incline Trainer X3

The Nordic Track Incline Trainer X3 is one of the newest models on the market that helps to provide people with a more challenging work out. The track is able to provide people with an incline to simulate them jogging or walking up hill. It uses a fit workout card that allows you to keep track of the goals you have set for yourself and to provide you with coaching to keep you working out every night.

This model is also built with an iPod compatible music port that will help to keep you distracted and able to work out through the pain in your legs. It has a 2.8 HP commercial motor that provides you with a smooth and quit workout. It costs around $1,200.

Pro-Form 785 CS

This model is one of the better models to purchase when you have set a limited budget for yourself without sacrificing a great workout. This treadmill is built with an automatic workout intensity and incline controls that allow you to adjust them when you need them the most. This is easy for beginners to use and will help to improve your fitness level over time. This will cost around $800.

Sole F80

This treadmill is great to use anywhere in your home even if you don’t have much room. This folding treadmill is easy to store and is built with cooling fans, LED window display, and speed and elevation controls that are on the handles. It is also built with a two heart rate program to make sure that you don’t overdo it. This costs around $1,500.