Treadmill Features

Treadmills can be very expensive machines even if you are going to purchase one that is used. These are able to provide us with an effective method that will give us the calorie burning/cardio workout that we need. Using it every night will allow us to get into the shape we want to be in and to lose the weight quickly.

With that being said you cannot simply choose just any old treadmill. There are a number of models out there that may or may not provide you with an effective workout. The best thing you can do is to consider all of the best features that each has to offer and decide what is worth spending the money for and what isn’t.

Incline And Speed

The purpose of a treadmill is to provide people with a much harder workout that is similar to walking around their neighborhood. The difference is that you are able to find models that allow you to increase the speed to be either walking, jogging, or running. Some will also allow you to raise up the platform to simulate running uphill – but with no end in sight.

The cheaper end models will increase the speed up to six or seven miles per hour. The more money you spend the greater the incline and the speed could reach as high as twelve miles per hour.


The basic end models will be able to provide you with two or three work out programs and will keep track of the distance you have walked and the calories you have burned. The higher end models will be able to provide you with many features including heart rate levels, calorie burn, distance, fans, cup holders, shelf for books, and even built in speakers. When you spend the right money you will have the option to plug in your iPod and headphones and listen to your music while you run.